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Fertilizing often enhances the flowering, the fruit bearing and the overall health of your tree. If your tree tends to be sick, fertilization will be the first thing discussed in your plan of treatment. 

Trees have many nutritional requirements for sustained growth and reproduction.
Fertilization and Aeration is an important and often overlooked aspect in tree care. This is, in a sense, because tree owners tend to focus on more of what can be seen by the eye, rather than what might be right beneath their feet.
When fertilizing your tree you actually help it along by putting the appropriate nutrients within its reach. In return, your tree will give you a healthy more aesthetic appeal.
Unlike forest trees, trees in human altered landscapes are often growing in poor, compacted soils. Trees have to compete with grass, turf and landscape plants; an unnatural environment for trees. Tree fertilizers are designed to improve the soil by adding essential elements.
Our method uses a high grade, slow release formulation which is injected directly into the tree root zones. The fertilizer contains slow release nitrogen with a low salt index. Spring and/or summer applications provide excellent release as these minerals will remain in the soil for continuous uptake through the year.

 fertilization / aeration