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 Insect & Mite Management 

Tree King Tree Service insect management program can protect your landscape from the damaging effects that may be caused by insect infestation. Beginning with a thorough inspection of your landscape, your professionally trained arborist will identify any insect problems and prescribe treatment, along with careful, routine monitoring and proper maintenance.

Insects will usually target plants that are already in poor health and/or under stress. Our arborists make it their first priority to restore the health of your trees and shrubs, so that they can naturally resist harmful insects. Our tree insect management philosophy is to use low impact methods and ingredients to minimize populations of pest insects while maintaining ecological sustainability by preserving beneficial insects.

Some insects are beneficial, some are harmless to your trees and shrubs, but others can severely impact plants’ health. Common landscape pests include hemlock woolly adelgid, scale insects, winter moth and other caterpillars, and various species of wood boring insects.

Boring Insects

Boring insects such as bronze birch and emerald ash borers, pine bark beetles and elm bark beetles are serious threats to landscape trees. Without plant health care and/or insect management services, they can cause extensive damage by feeding through feeding on the conductive tissues of the trunk and larger branches. This feeding damage cuts off the supply of nutrients and water to the canopy usually resulting in death.