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Don't let this happen to your trees. . .


Incorrect pruning of a tree can have disastrous consequences, not only for the tree, as depicted in the two pictures of dead trees, but to your safety, your family's and your neighbors as well; not to mention your property and, depending on the size of the tree, your neighbors property also. 

Pollarding or Tree Topping,as it's also called, is caused by the improper or incorrect pruning of trees. The two pictures on the left show what happens to a tree that's been incorrectly pruned or maintained. (click on the images or on this link to watch a short video). The interior of the tree starts to decay and, like tooth decay, it begins to eat away at the tree from the inside out weakening its structure. To the untrained eye the tree will look fine, still flowering and producing foliage like any normal, healthy tree would, but to a professional (an arborist) the sings of a potentially dangerous, and possibly lethal, situation can be all too visible.  Proper pruning is needed to insure the trees health.

Don’t let this happen to your trees...  
Pruning trees is an art... "always maintaining the integrity of the tree" is Tree King Tree’s primary concern. Our dedication to this is unsurpassed.


Proper pruning as a preventative measure is just one of the many reasons to have and maintain a regular maintenance program, other reasons may include but are not limited to:

To provide clearance for structures and electrical power lines, wind-flow and sunlight penetration

  • To influence flower or fruit production
  • To improve view
  • To enhance tree shape aesthetics


 proper pruning
incorrect pruning & tree topping

​By hiring the right person for the job you will be preparing the tree to deal with Mother Nature at her worst. Strong winds can cause heavy dis-proportioned limbs to break or split from the trunk, prolonged rain can saturate the soil causing top-heavy trees to uproot and fall causing damage, not only to the tree but the surrounding property,  --whether it be yours or your neighbors.  Hiring a professional is ever more critical when lives are in harms way. Preventing needless and expensive property damage and or loss can also be avoided; spending a little today can save you big tomorrow.

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Besides, not only will your trees still look like trees, when using the correct pruning techniques, but it will also help maintain a strong and healthy tree structure, and with a regular and timely tree maintenance program you will assure a long and healthy life for your trees.