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Tree Installation


Tree installations can be rather simple if you follow a few simple pre-planting measures. There is a bit more to it than digging a hole in the ground and dropping a tree in. In fact, many tree problems begin with improper tree selection and poor placement choice.


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 Fertilizing often enhances the flowering, the fruit bearing and the overall health of your tree. Trees have many nutritional requirements for sustained growth and reproduction. When fertilizing your tree you actually help it along by putting the appropriate nutrients within its reach. In return, your tree will give you a healthy more aesthetic appeal.

Only trained professionals should do tree removals. Here at Tree King we have all the appropriate equipment and experienced crews available to remove any size tree. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to look at the tree you need to remove and provide a free estimate.

Pruning trees is an art... "always maintaining the integrity of the tree" is Tree King Tree’s primary concern. Our dedication to this is unsurpassed. Incorrect pruning of a tree can have disastrous consequences, not only for the tree, as depicted in the two pictures of dead trees above, but to your safety, your families and your neighbors as well; not to mention your property and, depending on the size of the tree, your neighbors property also.

Dead trees should be removed or they will create a potential hazard, depending on their size. If a tree is large and covers a wide area, be extreme caution will be required. Large, dead or dying trees lose stability and can easily fall. Especially when weather conditions are windy or raining, you do not want a large dead tree falling and damaging your property or your neighbor's.

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