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Proper tree care is one of the most important elements of a successful landscape management plan. Trust your professional tree services to our certified arborists and trained professional tree care specialists. Our comprehensive insight into your landscape care gives you an advantage. We will make sure your tree care works in harmony with your other plantings and turf maintenance, and your facility operations goals, equaling great results for the entire property and its users.

Tree King can implement a maintenance program designed to keep trees healthy, strong, and beautiful. Our work will ensure your trees have the best chance to thrive and last as an attractive asset to your property and operations. 

Emergency & Hazardous Removal

Tree Installation

Stump Grinding (Removal)

​Planting trees in your city’s urban areas is a winning investment for the community, its citizens, and the environment. Urban areas without trees can become “heat islands,” with significantly higher temperatures than other commercial and residential areas with trees. Trees help shade buildings and pavement and have an overall cooling effect physically, esthetically and psychologically. Adding more trees to your city streets, parks, schools, and downtown areas will help keep communities cooler, reducing energy needs.

Planting trees is a simple thing everyone can do to reduce carbon dioxide, a principal greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. No matter where you live, you can plant trees...and take a proactive, positive step toward keeping our planet healthy.

Pruning trees is an art… “always maintaining the integrity of the tree” is Tree King’s primary concern. Our dedication to this is unsurpassed. Incorrect pruning of a tree can have disastrous consequences. We take extraordinary care of your tree. Plus, the safety of your family, your property and your neighbors are our paramount concern.

Proper pruning as a preventative measure is just one of the many reasons to have and maintain a regular maintenance program. We can provide clearance for structures and electrical power lines, wind-flow and sunlight penetration. Proper trimming can influence flower or fruit production, improve your view and enhance tree shape aesthetically. Preparing your trees to deal with Mother Nature at her worst. Strong winds can cause heavy dis-proportioned limbs to break or split from the trunk, prolonged rain can saturate the soil causing top-heavy trees to uproot and fall causing damage, not only to the tree but the surrounding property. Preventing needless and expensive property damage and or loss can also be avoided; spending a little today can save you big tomorrow.

Incorrect pruning of a tree can have disastrous consequences, not only for the tree, but to your safety and your property. 

Only trained professionals should do tree removals. Here at Tree King we have all the appropriate equipment and experienced crews available to remove any size tree. Dead trees should be removed as they are potentially hazardous. If a tree is large and covers a roof or another property, extreme caution is required. Dead or dying trees lose stability and can easily fall. Especially when weather conditions are windy or raining, you do not want a large dead tree falling and damaging your property or your neighbor’s.  


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Professional Tree Care Services

Tree King has the latest stump grinding equipment to grind out the stump for you. Give us a call and one of our arborists will help you. 

CSL# 668094

Tree installations can be rather simple if you follow a few pre-planting measures. There is a bit more to it than digging a hole in the ground and dropping a tree in! In fact, many tree problems begin with improper tree selection and poor placement.

Site Selection: Choosing the appropriate location is vitally important when planting anything. Most trees will need a site that is going to get plenty of sunlight. Also, the size of the area and the growth rate of the tree must be factored in; proper distance to allow for ample growth free from building structures, powerlines, plumbing, septic tanks, and concrete. Having a beautiful tree is delightful, but do you want that beautiful tree destroying your property?

Climate and soil: The time of year you choose to plant a tree will have a big impact on the tree itself. We can help designate your soil’s “hardiness zone”. That way, you will know which tree species will grow best on your property and in your soil. 

So We Can All Breathe Easier



Professional Tree Care Program:

  • Diagnoses, appraisal and evaluation
  • Trained tree care specialists & certified arborists
  • Compliance with ANSI pruning practices
  • Utilization of lift trucks and best equipment for the job
  • Emergency response available
  • Pre-construction evaluation and protection services
  • Root pruning
  • Tree planting and transplanting
  • Tree, stump and brush removals
  • Recycling of trimmings into mulch/LEED credit strategy services
  • Pruning for safety concerns, clearance, health and aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Fertilization, insect and disease control
  • Cabling and bracing