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"We thought we would drop you a line to advise you that our long dormant avocado tree has begun bearing fruit subsequent to your companies rendering of soil treatment. A once hearty mature tree that produced ample fruit, the last few years we saw nothing. Now I am happy to report that the tree is again bearing fruit and hopefully soon we can begin our own harvesting for family and friends."

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Plant Health Care Maintenace

Environment Friendly Nutrients/Aeration

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Tree King offers custom designed plant health care programs using remedies and solutions that generate lush green grass, trees, plants and beautiful bountiful blossoms.

Our environmentally friendly plant health care remedies are the perfect solution to our clients concerned about using products that are safe to both humans, domestic pets and wildlife. Our nutrients help cultivate a proper soil environment by incorporating only organically- balanced nutrients and minerals in a slow-release formula based on your specific soil conditions. With a comprehensive approach and optimized time for applying our plant care solutions, Tree King can help increase the natural resistance of your property to weeds, pests and disease. A commitment to a plant health care maintenance program will increase microbial activity and organic components of your soil for years to come. 

Plant health care performed by certified specialists and highly trained crews can help you achieve plush, green grass, shrubs, trees, fruit and flowers making them more resistant to disease, insects and weeds. Soil and turf analysis with proactive aeration and remedies improve root systems and provide healthy solutions for all plant life on your property.

Tree King will work hand in hand with you to develop a plant health care regimen that exactly meets your specific needs. Our services include:

So We Can All Breathe Easier

Insects will usually target plants that are already in poor health and/or under stress. Our arborists make it a priority to restore the health of your trees and shrubs, so that they can naturally resist harmful insects. Our tree insect management philosophy is to use low impact remedies and ingredients to minimize populations of pest insects while maintaining ecological sustainability by preserving beneficial insects. Our professionally trained arborist will identify any insect problems and prescribe treatment, along with careful, routine monitoring and proper maintenance.

Boring insects such as bronze birch and emerald ash borers, pine bark beetles and elm bark beetles are serious threats to trees. Without plant health care and/or insect management services, they can cause extensive damage by feeding through feeding on the conductive tissues of the trunk and lower branches. This feeding damage cuts off the supply of nutrients and water to the canopy usually resulting in death. 

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Regular use of nutrients enhances the flowering, the fruit bearing, and the overall health of your tree. If your tree tends to be sick, nutrients will be the first thing discussed in your plan of treatment.

Trees and plants have many nutritional requirements for sustained growth and reproduction. Feeding and Aeration is an important and often overlooked aspect in tree and plant care. This is, in a sense, because owners tend to focus more on what can be seen by the eye, rather than what might be right beneath their feet. When nurturing your trees and plants, you help it along by putting the appropriate nutrients within its reach. In return, your trees and plants will give you a healthy more aesthetic appeal.

Unlike forests, trees in human altered landscapes are often growing in poor, compacted soils. They must compete with grass, turf and landscape plants; an unnatural environment for trees.  Our remedies are designed to improve the soil by adding essential elements.

Our method uses a high grade, slow release formulation which is injected directly into the tree root zones. Our custom designed nutrients contain slow release nitrogen with a low salt index. Spring and/or summer applications provide excellent release as these minerals will remain in the soil for continuous uptake through the year.